Padmabhushan Dr. Balasaheb Vikhe Patil International School, Loni

DO's & DON'Ts


1) Students are expected to be well dressed and neat and tidy at all times.

2) When students return from holidays, parents are requested to ensure that their wards have a proper short haircut.

3) All personal belongings must be tagged with name tags.

4) Students should be encouraged to develop good habits.


1) Not to bring along any appliance like mobiles, cameras.If found will be Confiscated and not returned. If the students are found having mobile phones, they will not only be confiscated but also they will be charged a penalty of Rs.1000/-. Therefore ensure such items are not brought to school.

2) Parents should not give excess money with their children.

3) The school is not responsible for any loss of gold Jewelry and ornaments. To avoid loss of articles parents are strongly advised to avoid giving ornaments to student.

4) It is your responsibility to ensure that your ward returns to school on time after every vacation. Students returning late to the school will be permitted only if medical reports regarding major illness and hospitalization are produced. Ordinary illness like fever, cold, cough will not be accepted for students returning late from long holidays. Parents will be charged a fine per day per student.

5) Don’t ask for late reporting permission for ceremonies, marriages, engagement, during the regular functioning of the school.  


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