Padmabhushan Dr. Balasaheb Vikhe Patil International School, Loni

Rules & Regulations For Boarderers

1) All borders should attend school prayers and functions.

2) School authorities shall not be liable for any damage or charge on account of injuries to the child any time during his stays in the school while taking part in the sport or any co-curricular activities. The concerned parent is liable to pay for the damage or injuries caused by the child.

3) In matters of dispute, the decision of the principal shall be binding on the parent.

4) The participation of the child is compulsory in tours, treks, expeditions, camps etc. during his stay in the school. 

5) In case, the student is found to be in possession of articles prohibited by the school, fine can be levied by the school on the child and the articles will be confiscated.

6) If the child is provided with urgently required article & equipment, its cost will be charged in the bill of the students.

7) No special leave shall be granted to the student in between the terms.

8) Parents should not visit the school against regulations.

9) All the bills should be paid regularly failing which the student is liable to be sent home.


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