Pravara Central Public School, Pravaranagar

Rules & Regulations For Boarderers
  • No border will leave the school campus without the prior permission of the Housemaster, Principal or Director
  • Students should not put cash of more than 25 rupees with them. However, children studying in Class (and above may keep up to Rs100/-.Sudents are allowed to keep extra cash in the school bank.
  • Whenever parents of borders come to the school, they must meet the Housemaster. If need to they are welcome to meet the Director.
  • Parents of borders are requested are requested not to phone their wards after 10 p.m or when they are scheduled to be in classrooms.
  • Parents are allowed to visit their children only on last Sunday of every month.
  • Playing inside the dormitory is not permitted.
  • Students should be punctual and regular in attending classes, tutorials and preps.
  • Students are not allowed to bring eatables to house and organized parties.
  • Borrowing each other’s shoes, clothes or any other items is not permitted.
  • While taking students home, if parents are not able to escort them, they should send authorization letter along with the accompanying person.
  • On visitors day parents should be report at the security’s office on arrival and departure.

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