Pravara Girls English Medium School

Principal's message

A school cannot buy its Spirits as it buys text-books, nor can it have its Spirit supplied as basic equipment. School Spirit is built up within the school itself. 2013 has been a year of achievement. Academic progress has continued and sporting success has been outstanding. The competition, the participation of students and the enthusiasm of the staff have all been responsible for the great upsurge in the school tone and Spirits.

Many a times I have heard that a school has reached maturity, when it has provided a full range of courses. This I feel is a premature statement because the influence of the senior year surely forms only a basic for tradition to be established. It is only by a series of contribution by all that this school can attain the degree of maturing which will enable people in the community to point with pride and say, ” That is a good School”

We look forward to active participation in school affairs by future senior pupils. Isolation must be guarded against because it is only by modification of existing attitudes that a fine and lasting tradition can evolve.

May I express my personal thanks and appreciation to all who have Co-operated in helping the school in its many needs, So evident in the running of a big institution Pupils have for most part given their best and not only maintained but have enhanced school’s reputation. Teachers have played their part and given their best and we are most fortunate in having a staff of such high professional quality and Caliber.

Mrs. Sangita.P.Deokar



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