Pravara Girls English Medium School

Educational Facilities


“Reader lives a THOUSAND lives before he dies, the man who never read lives only ONE”  -George R.R-Martin

The school is proud of a spacious, well-stocked, open shelf library that is designed to encourage the students to develop interest in a variety of subjects and to allow them the facility of self study.

A well equipped and stocked school library having wide variety of newspapers and magazines exists, considering the needs of young Indian students for helping themselves. There are approximately 5000 books available in our library for students as well as staff.


Well-equipped & laboratories for higher secondary students for performing various practical of Physics ,Chemistry ,Biology,I.T. Department  constantly functions  with activities. Higher Secondary & Secondary have separate Computer labs. 

Laboratories available-

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • IT



Science Center

“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow ”- Edward Teller

This centre will create a platform to use a play-way and pragmatic method of the teaching and learning which will motivate youngsters to get involved in ground-breaking research and innovation in technology that is vastly needed in this dynamic world of ours. We have science center with well equipped instruments for students where they can learn the basics of science and  technologies. We give opportunity for students to perform various scientific activities so that they can understand science and technology practically.

Digital Class rooms

Every classroom of the school  is provisioned with digital smart classes. The school has thus embraced the advantages that higher technology has to offer and ensured its smooth blending in with traditional chalk and talk. This makes an emphatic statement about the school’s commitment, gearing students to navigate the information superhighway that is changing the world.

Remedial Classes

The school also conducts Remedial Classes for the benefit of those students who are not able to keep pace with the expected standard of the class. Subject Specialists conduct theses classes and every care is taken to ensure quality learning.

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