Pravara High School, Kolhar


“Curriculum refers to the means and materials with which students will interact the purpose of achieving identified educational outcomes.” For achieving identified educational outcomes our school has curriculum which not only mould students but also let them know how to get opportunities in life and how to face challenges of life.

Academic year is divided into two semesters.

Play Group:

Simple conversation in English, Recitation of Poems, 1 – 20 numbers in figures.

Games & Songs.



English(Conversation, Words, Recitation), G.K. and Maths (1- 30 numbers with spelling) 


Primary Section (Std. 1st to 4th ):

All Subjects are taught through practical experience and different activities.

Projects, CCA, Games.


Secondary Section(Std. 5th to 10th ):

State board syllabus

Activity based teaching-learning process

Child centered teaching-learning which helps realizing Childs potential.

Overall Development (Physical, Personal, Social & Emotional Development)-  School arranges different competitions, seminars, activities, Projects, CCA, Games for overall development of students.

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