Pravara High School, Kolhar



Classrooms are designed with special care. Classrooms provide healthy atmosphere for teaching and learning process. Classrooms are equipped with interactive digital board and projector.


School has a library with variety of books. It contains Science fictions, moral stories, story books and other reference books. It equipped reading hall for students, which helps student to develop reading habit.

Computer Lab-

A well equipped computer lab with 28 computers available with internet facilities and projector system. Student from Grade 1st use Computer Lab for different educational purpose.

Composite Science Lab-


The well equipped cleaned, composite lab with all required apparatus chemicals, charts, specimens etc. Composite Science lab is utilized for the students to perform practicals as well as for demonstration purpose from Grade 1st to Grade 10th. Practicals are mostly performed on curriculum basis and mostly focus to the practicals and have done by students.

Mathematics Lab-

Mathematics lab has different charts, shapes in 2D & 3D. By using these students can easily manipulate the concept. Students can also find the area with the help of shapes and charts. Mostly mathematics teaching is focused practical basis.


Our School has a store which provides Stationary materials, Books and Uniform to students.


Our School has 5 buses. Students from remote areas can travel by our school bus.

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