Pravara High School, Kolhar


A well structured partnership programme improves the school, strengthens families and increases student achievement and success. With this goal in mind we have initiated a Parents Advisory Committee for the parents of our School.

Goals and Objectives:

  • To provide opportunities for parents to share their ideas and suggestions.
  • To provide communication between parents and the School Management.
  • To informed all parents of school policies and issues.
  • Take the suggestions and feedbacks from the parents.
  • Communicate with parents about school programmes.
Sr.No. Name of Member Designation
1 Mr. Dale Nandkumar Dnyandeo Chair-Person
2 Mrs. Giri Chaitali Sanjay Vice Chair Person
3 Mr. Gadhe Sampat Changdeo Member
4 Mrs. Shinde Sujata Sunil Member
5 Mr. Kadu Sahebrao Karbhari(Teachers Representative) Member
6 Mrs. Neela Dinesh Chavan Secretary

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