Pravara High School, Kolhar

DO's & DON'Ts


1) Come to School well groomed, in proper uniform with well polished shoes.

2) Be regular in attendance and never be late to School.

3) Attend Morning Assembly without fail.

4) Bring the student dairy to school daily.

5) Look after the property of your school; help keep it clean and tidy.

6) Keep your classroom clean and tidy and avoid littering.

7) Turn off the tap after use.

8) Switch off fans and lights when not in use.

9) Be fair and honest at work; always be considerate of the rights of the others.


1) Do not lend or borrow money or any other precious article.

2) Do not involve yourself in feuds.

3) Do not bunk classes.

4) Do not use abusive language.

5) Do not bring gadgets, such as mobile phones, iPods, Mp3s etc. They are strictly prohibited in School campus.

6) Do not bring jewellery to School. School will not be held responsible for lost of jewellery.

7) Do not absent yourself from School.

8) Do not make loud noise in classroom.

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