Pravara High School, Kolhar

Safety Measures
  • Children have to know their parents contact number and address details.
  • The School Management is ensuring who is picking up the children.
  • The School Management verifying the details of the Bus Driver’s personal background details before joining.
  • During Parents Meeting, The teachers are giving counseling to the parents regarding safety and awareness.
  • If the Teachers find any student sick, they are informing to their parents to take care of them and teachers are also taking additional care of them.
  • Teachers are carefully watching the students when they are in Laboratory.
  • The School Management is not encouraged the students or their parents who send their children to school by motorcycles in small age without legal license.
  • Women Empowerment Committee is established in School for solving Girl Child problems.
  • Anti Ragging Committee is established in School for solving Students problem and provide protection to the Student.

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