Pravara Public School, Pravaranagar

Vision, Mission & Goal


  • To provide high quality education comparable to the best in any urban area to the rural masses for their empowerment.


  • To provide a broad- based, holistic education to the children with a commitment to excellence in all fields, keeping in mind regional, national and global needs.

The major aims and objectives are codified as under:

  • To provide broad based and relevant education to boys and girls between the age of 4 and 18 years, with a view to shaping them in mind, body and character so as to claim their rightful place in the modern society of an emerging superpower.
  • To prepare the students to live their lives fully and successfully by imparting to them the vision of life (KNOWLEDGE).
  • To instil in the students the spirit of service in all walks of life (SERVICE) and make them responsible citizens of the future.
  • To make the students capable of facing challenges in life efficiently and shape their future (STRENGTH).
  • To provide a balanced and goal oriented school programmes by incorporating progressive techniques, teaching learning theories and methodologies.
  • To provide conducive environment to learn and follow the right values and appreciate the glory and variety of our culture (CHARACTER).

Quality objectives:

  •   To support students achieve academic excellence.
  •   (a) To  contribute to the development of positive personal  attributes within each student.

       (b)To provide students with the opportunities to develop fine leadership qualities (Student Council)

  • To develop global citizenship competencies in students.
  • To improve parent satisfaction index by 2% every year.
  • To provide safe and healthy environment for students and staff (Mental and Physical)



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