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Boarders Daily Routine

Daily Routine

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The House System

Boarders live in spacious dormitories of various Houses. The Houses are of three categories to accommodate students of different age groups/ classes viz, Primary Houses ( I – V ), Junior Houses (VI and VII)  and Senior Houses (VIII to XII). The Senior & Junior Houses are looked after by Housemasters who are senior members of the teaching staff.

They look after the welfare and discipline of the boys. They keep track of boys’ academic progress, co-curricular activities etc. and are in close touch with them and the parents. The Junior houses and Primary houses are under the care of experienced full time matrons assisted and guided by teaching staff.

The house system helps to foster healthy rivalry in academic work, sports and various co-curricular activities.

The organisation of residential life in the system also helps to promote family atmosphere, team spirit and provides ample opportunities for shouldering responsibilities.

Inter House Competitions

Various inter house competitions are held as per the school calendar. Inter House matches (for different age groups) are held in all disciplines of sports and games.

The Annual Aquatic meet, Athletic Meet and Sports Day are highlights of the year’s competitions.

 In addition, inter House competitions are held in various co-curricular activities (CCA). All these inter House contests help to develop team spirit, competitiveness, sportsmanship and the desire to excel in various fields.

The House which tops the overall tally, is awarded the coveted “Cock House Cup”. The House which excels in academics is presented the “Academic Cup”.

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

Co-curricular activities are designed to develop latent talents fully and enable the children to learn to spend their leisure time in an acceptable and useful manner. A well graded programme for co-curricular activities has been made in the time table for CCA periods. The CCA programmes are conducted class wise for juniors and house-wise for seniors. 

The co-curricular activities for various age groups include.:-

Calligraphy ,  Declamation, Extempore Speech, Debates, Poetry Recitation, Story Telling, Set Speech, Letter Card Making  In English, Marathi & Hindi, General Quiz,On the Spot Painting, Greeting Card Making/, Music, Band, Essay Writing, Cartoon Drawing, Spelling Bee, Maths Quiz Letter writing, Science Quiz Story writing, Recreational Activities Cultural programmes are organised in connection with national days, festivals, Annual day and house functions. Students are encouraged to pursue and develop their artistic talents and aptitudes.

The School has a number of LCD projectors and selected films in English and Hindi are shown once a week.

In addition, Overhead Projectors and DVD/CD players and a good collection of Educational Video CDs are also available.

Educational tours around the country and picnics are arranged for the students.

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