Pravara Public School, Pravaranagar

Code Of Conduct

Every student is required to observe the student’s code of conduct.

  • Every student MUST carry the students’ Handbook to the school on all days.
  • Every day the students must reach the school at least five minutes before scheduled assembly time.
  • Late comers will be penalised. No boarder will leave the school campus without the prior permission of the Housemaster, Principal or Director.
  • Shouting or whistling, throwing bits of paper, chalk etc. at others or teasing fellow students in any manner is strictly forbidden.
  • Any damage done to school property should be brought to the notice of the Class Teacher, Housemaster, Principal or Director. The offenders will pay the fine/ replace the damaged items.
  • Books other than text books, reference books or library books and magazines, brought to the School without permission are liable to be confiscated.
  • Lending or borrowing money and other articles are not permitted.
  • Students are not expected to carry or keep cash exceeding RS.100 with them.  Ornaments Wrist watch, electronic equipment and costly items including mobile are not permitted in the school campus or hostel.
  • Parents are not allowed to meet the teachers in the class room or in the staff room. In case there is a requirement to meet teacher, it should done in the office of HM/ Principal.
  • Students are not allowed to ride bikes or drive any vehicles in the School.
  • The students must wear neat and tidy School uniform and polished shoes. Students will be penalized if they do not wear proper uniform.
  • Students shall obey Prefects and class monitors.
  • Whenever parents of Boarders come to School, they must meet the Housemaster. If need be, they are welcome to meet the Vice-Principal/Headmaster/Director.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the School during working hours.
  • Parents are requested not to phone their wards after 10 pm in the hostel.
  • The School reserves the right to take disciplinary action against any student for improper conduct. A student whose conduct is not satisfactory is liable to be expelled from the School without assigning any specific reason. Parents of Boarders may visit the School only on the Visitors’ Day given in the School calendar.  On Open day, they are requested to meet the teacher in the class rooms and discuss their ward’s progress.
  • All parents are requested to co- operate with the School in maintaining proper educational environment.
  • Pocket money should be deposited in the bank or kept with Housemaster.
  • Playing inside the dormitory is not permitted as it can cause damage.
  • Students should be punctual and regular in attending classes, tutorials and preps. Students are not allowed to bring eatables to house and organize parties.
  • Students who are ill must report to the Doctor at Infirmary and shall not resort to self-medication at any time.
  • Borrowing each other’s shoes, clothes or any other item is not permitted. If any unfamiliar person tries to contact students, they should immediately report the matter to the housemaster/ higher authority.
  • While taking students home, if parents are not able to escort them, they should send authorization letter along with the accompanying person and also communicate on telephone to the Housemaster.
  • On Visitors day, parents should report at the security office on arrival and departure and it should be ensured that they leave the School only after meeting the housemaster / warden/ matron.
  • Parents / Visitors are not allowed to enter in the dormitories.
  • Leave will not be granted for more than two days, except in the case of emergency such as  illness, that too with written permission of the Vice Principal/Headmaster/Principal/ Director.
  • In case  of  Sickness sick  report  form  duly  signed  by the  Housemaster will be filled before  going to sick room From the  Class permission of class teacher  will be  taken.

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