Pravara Public School, Pravaranagar

Rules For Boarders

The Rules and Regulations for the HOSTELLERS are listed below:-

  • Daily Routine will be strictly followed as per aid down timings. Wardens & matrons  will   ensure  that  the  students  get ready  in  time and  leave  for  PT/ Games / Classes.
  • Roll call Parade is meant for checking the attendance, general turnout as well as passage of orders and instructions by the House Masters
  • Wardens will accompany Hostellers for PT, Games, Mess and Prep. No hosteller is permitted to visit the hostel during working hours. The wardens will ensure  that the main entrance is locked once house cleaning is over in the morning.
  • Hostellers will not move out of the school premises without permission. Crossing over the boundary wall entering sugarcane fields, orchards or market is strictly prohibited. Those breaking this rule will be themselves held responsible or any untoward happening.
  • Visiting staff quarters is strictly forbidden for students.
  • Betting, gambling, playing cards, smoking, consumption of drugs alcohol/ carrying or possessing dangerous objects is strictly  forbidden  and offender  will make himself liable for an exemplary punishment  including rustication.
  • Bullying or Ragging is forbidden and any violation in this regard will made the offender liable for rustication.
  • Use of mobile phones is not allowed in the school premises.
  • If students have any suggestion to offer they can communicate to the House Master, Class Teacher, Headmaster or the Director.
  • The Prefects should play their role effectively in ensuring discipline and well-being of junior students. Prefects and wardens must bring to the notice of authorities any infringement of rules.
  • There will be Buddy system in the hostel and  the  Buddy  will keep  his colleague  under, watch for any unusual behavior (especially  of emotional nature) Buddies will be together at all events including sports and swimming.
  • Buddy will have full knowledge of each other’s family background and they should assist each other in studies as well as in maintaining discipline.
  • No quarrels, altercation, use of abusive language or fighting will tolerated.
  • In order to develop the interest of students in other activities, the school organizes hobbies through club systems. The students are allowed to choose any of the following clubs to develop their interest. The school has outdoor sports facilities as well as indoor games like table tennis, badminton, swimming etc .for fitness and recreation.

(i)   Computer (ii)   Music (iii)  Literary activities

(iv)  Dramatics (v)  Debating (vi)  Photography

(vii) Trekking (viii) Art and Craft (ix) Painting

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