Pravara Public School, Pravaranagar

Safety Measures


The following safety measure will be ensured by the School Administration.

 (a)   Mesh wire must be provided to all windows and ventilators.

 (b)   Provision of clean and  healthy  drinking  water

 (c)    Fire extinguishers at least one per floor.

 (d)   Campus should  be free or stray dogs

 (e)   Immediate replacements of damaged  electric  switches 

 (f)   Periodic checking for knives and other sharp  dangerous   objects instruments / weapons

 (g)  Surprise roll call at odd times.

 (h)   Timely replacement of old cots (sharp- edges)

 (j)    Provision of Emergency lamps in mess, hostels.

 (k)  Checking of trunks, bags for perished or over dated  food stuff (Spoilt) to avoid food poisoning.

 (l)    Ensuring nonskid flooring in bath area 

 (m)  Discourage self-medication.

(n)   Well supervised sports Activities.

 (o)  Frequent communication with parents on telephone and on Parents Days.


 (p)  Emergency exit- drills in case of earthquakes, fire etc. to be known / rehearsed once every term and 

(q)   Security  (Visitor’s registers to be  maintained at the gate)

 (r)   No unauthorized entry permitted in the campus. 

 (t)  Ensuring non- slippery steps / stairs.

(u) Undertaking from parents & students about maintenance of discipline. 

(v)  Periodic training workshops and trainings for Safety / first Aid for Students & Staff.

(w)  Regular medical check –up.

(x)  Implement Buddy system in Hostel / class as well as for outdoor trips.

(y)  Provide Separate wardrobe / warden / cupboard for every boarder.

(aa) Closer watch by housemaster / warden/ matron for any unusual / disturbed behaviors sof students.

(ab)  Hostel supervisory staff like warden/ matron should stay in the hostel throughout the day.

(ac) Adequate lighting in verandas and corridors.

(ad)  Frequent cleaning of bathroom and wash area

(ae) CCTV cameras in and outside the senior Hostel.

(af) Cricket and Hockey grounds should not be used for other games simultaneously – Avoid crowding in sports arenas.

(ag)  Avoid taking children to sea shore and water bodies during educational tours.and maintain control over their movement in hilly areas and traffic while crossing roads.

(ah)  Erecting compound wall and security fencing around the campus and security staff at the gate must control road traffic while students move from hostel to Mess / Classes in absence of an over bridge / fly over at the main gate.

(aj)  Boarders should not be left unsupervised anywhere

(ak)  After school hours, the buses should be parked near PPS Staff Quarters. Two buses will be parked near swimming pool to carry LKG & UKG students to PPS Staff Quarters. 

(al)  Hostel doors will remain closed during school hours.

(am)  A Standing duty vehicle will always be available for the students being referred to Pravara Medical Trust.

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