Pd. Dr Vitthalrao Vikhe Patil Sainik School, Loni

Pastoral Care

1. “Home away from home” is how cadets living in the hostel feel. The Hostels have been specifically designed to provide warm and caring family like environment.

2. The entire hostel has been divided into two blocks. Each block contains eight dormitories. The hostel building houses 6 houses. The houses are parented by House Masters who take care of their own respective houses. Beside House Master, Warden and House appointments are responsible for maintaining discipline in dorm comfortable at all times.

3. Other than cadet appointments, three tiered guidance are provided to cadets in houses –

(a) Tier 1 - controlled by Matrons/ Wardens.

(b) Tier 2 - looked after by House Masters. They are junior teachers who will take care of administration & discipline.

(c)  Tier 3 – this tier is under the guidance of Senior House Masters. They are senior teachers who contribute towards academics. 

4. All senior cadets take responsibility for mentoring junior cadets. Senior cadets Influence and encourage useful initiative and good behaviour by their example.

5. Cadets are supportive of each other within hostels and around the school, and this   promotes a safe, comfortable environment to develop.

6. Empathy and respect providing an inclusive environment that supports Cadet’s special cultures and values.

7. Teachers give love and affection to the cadets in place of their parents. Relation between Staff and cadets of different ages are exemplary.

8. Infirmary staff Nurses and school Doctor take care of cadet’s health by daily check-up.

9. Utmost care is taken to provide our boarders to be in a safe, warm and caring environment   in the campus.

10. Cadets involves in various House activities which helps them to overcome stage fright and build their confidence level.


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