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Anti Ragging Policy


PVP Sainik School Boarding has a “Zero Tolerance” policy towards bullying behaviour and any bullying will be treated very seriously. Any boarder suspects himself being bullied should talk with a responsible senior boarder or Boarding Staff member immediately. 

Definition and Identifying Factors

  • Generally, ragging behaviour is intended to hurt others, no matter verbal or physical, and is typically repeated over time.
  • Bullying often involves most or all of the following:
    • A desire to hurt
    • Hurtful action
    • A power imbalance  
    • Unjust use of power
    • Repetition (usually)  
    • Satisfaction by aggressor
    • Sense of oppression by victim    

Examples of Ragging 

  • Saying hurtful and unpleasant things
  • Making fun of others
  • Using mean and hurtful nicknames
  • Completely overlooking someone
  • Deliberately excluding someone from a group of friends          
  • Hitting, kicking, pulling hair, pushing or shutting a person inside
  • Telling lies / Spreading false rumours
  • Sending mean notes
  • Trying to get other students to dislike another person

Dealing with a ragging situation

  • Do NOT do a thing – that can contribute to the bullying
  • Ensure own safety before acting
  • If you feel comfortable - stop the bullying peacefully; act immediately, with tact and care. You should also befriend / offer support to the victim after the situation.
  • Get help from a responsible adult/ Prefect
  • Make sure both the victim and the person displaying bullying behaviour receive attention from a responsible senior or staff member
  • Always talk to a member of Boarding Staff about the situation immediately after any of the above

Dealing with a ragging complaint

  • If someone approaches you with a complaint that might involve bullying, always treat the matter seriously:
    • Make sure the person being bullied and others are safe. You may need to comfort the victim(s).
    • Try to find out the following information and write it down:
      • Who was involved?
      • Details about the hurtful action (what happened & by whom, where and when).
      • How the victim reacted to the actions?
      • What events have occurred prior to the current incident?
      • Whether the victim provoked the person to rag him?
  • Suggest seeing a responsible member of staff to deal with the issue together.
  • If asked about confidentiality, you can offer confidentiality from other boarders, but you cannot keep confidentiality from the Boarding Staff.
  • Always talk to a member of boarding staff about the situation immediately after any of the above. 

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